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Carer smiling at a child in a wheelchair

Our vision is sustainable healthcare provision accessible whenever and wherever people need it.

Our mission is to promote the provision of care from home or from people's familiar environments whenever this is possible to ensure the attainment of optimum health goals while maintaining independent living.

Our aims and objectives

  • To support people with learning disabilities and people with mental illness conditions to live happy and fulfilled lives as a direct consequence of quality personal care provided from their own homes.

  • To support adults above 65 years to achieve optimum health goals in the comfort of their homes, enabling and empowering them to retain independence and decision making about their health care needs.

  • To reduce hospitalization by providing affordable and quality personal care from home for vulnerable adults, through quality assessments and person-centred care services.

  • To maximize technology and digital innovations that are relevant for health care services to improve service delivery particularly for personal care.

Our values

Holding Hands


We allocate the right staff to clients with specific care needs to achieve an authentic, natural connection between client and staff. We believe that harmony is essential to stimulate and accelerate recovery.

Pharmacist helping elderly woman


We believe in empowerment for all our clients and staff to take positive risks and initiatives to be involved in the planning, implementation, and review of the care we provide.


Woman helping an elderly man with shopping


We emphasize privacy and confidentiality for those placed in our care. The care we give is respectful to clients’ cultural, social, religious needs and preferences.

Home Care


We provide our services with pride and passion as we interact respectfully yet freely, focusing on the individual and their specific health care needs.

Our background

Abundant Care Solutions is a value driven business entity built on a solid foundation to provide excellent community healthcare. We started as a response to the plight of healthcare workers in the UK where the overwhelming need for bed space in hospitals has negatively impacted on the welfare and working conditions of healthcare workers leading to staff shortages and critical incidents in service delivery from the NHS.
Our background of starting and running non-profit/charitable initiatives, coupled with personal experiences of looking after family members who require 24/7 care, has positioned us so well to venture into the business world. We believe in empathy and passion to pursue maximum client satisfaction, with minimum profit margins that enable us to value healthcare workers with better terms and conditions.
Our passion for homecare is drawn from real life experiences of fears and vulnerabilities endured during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are inspired to explore innovation in the health sector through collaborative working with other health providers to bring healthcare solutions to the clients’ doorstep.
We approach care with flexibility to suit the clients’ needs. Our services are available 24/7 from a network of high-quality health professionals who are robustly vetted and registered with us for employment placement. We invest time and resources to recognize, attract and retain the best staff to ensure the highest standards of care as regulated by the care quality commission (CQC). Our philosophy is to value and look after everyone who works with us so that the same treatment is reflected to our clients.
Our management team has a wide range of experience and passion upon which we can leverage to build a reputable business brand in Hertfordshire and eventually in other communities throughout the UK. Abundant Care Solutions is in the healthcare industry to ensure a reliable, affordable, passionate, and fast response service within local communities in Hertfordshire and neighbouring counties.

01992 879553 (available 24/7)

07533 167667 (available 24/7)

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